Discover the New Notion Feature: Weekly Calendar View

Jun 27, 2023

Introduction: In this blog post, we'll explore the exciting new feature in Notion called the Weekly Calendar View. Imagine transforming your calendar into a beautifully organized weekly spread. We'll walk you through the steps to set it up and share a practical use case for time blocking with this feature. Let's dive right in!

Setting Up the Weekly Calendar View: By default, Notion displays the weekly view from Sunday to Saturday. However, if you prefer starting your week on Monday, it's just a simple setting adjustment. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to your Notion sidebar.

  2. Navigate to Settings and Members.

  3. Select Language and Region.

  4. Choose "Start week on Monday" for a Monday-to-Sunday weekly spread.

To make it easier for you, we've prepared a duplicate page with sample data. You can find the link in the description to follow along seamlessly.

Creating the Weekly Spread: To create the weekly spread in Notion, follow these steps:

  1. Change the page width to full width for a better view.

  2. In the body of the page, open the block menu using the forward slash key.

  3. Look for the calendar block and create a new calendar database.

  4. Rename the database to something like "Task Calendar."

  5. By default, the calendar displays a monthly view. To switch to a weekly view, go to the database menu and select "Layout."

  6. In the "Show calendar as" option, choose "Week."

  7. Hide the database title to declutter your view.

Now you have your customized weekly spread, ready to be populated with tasks and events!

Enhancing the Weekly Spread: To make your weekly calendar more functional and visually appealing, we recommend the following customizations:

  1. Add a task: Use the "Add Task" button to create a new task or event directly in the calendar.

  2. Delete default properties: Remove the default tags property to keep your database clean.

  3. Customize page appearance: Access the "Customize Page" option in the top right corner to personalize the page layout. For personal use, you may want to disable top-level page discussions.

  4. Add properties: Enhance your task manager by adding properties. For example, include a checkbox property named "Completed" to track task completion.

  5. Configure dates: Modify the date format and time zone to suit your preferences. You can set specific time ranges for tasks, such as "7 pm to 10 pm."

  6. Sort tasks: Use the sort function to arrange your tasks by date in ascending order.

  7. Create formulas: Formulas can automate and enhance your task management. For instance, you can create a formula to display the time range for each task.

Managing Tasks and Icons: Notion offers various features to streamline task management and add visual icons. Here are some tips:

  1. Change task names and icons: Highlight a task card in the weekly spread, then use "Command + Shift + R" to edit the task name or add an emoji/icon.

  2. Create task templates: Utilize templates to quickly generate tasks with predefined properties, icons, and settings.

  3. Set default templates: Designate a template as the default for the calendar view to automatically apply its properties and icons to new tasks.

Conclusion: With the new Weekly Calendar View in Notion, you can elevate your productivity and organization to new heights. The combination of a simplified weekly spread and powerful database features offers an unparalleled task management experience. Start exploring this feature today and let us know how you plan to use it!

FAQ: Q: Can I change the starting day of the week in Notion? A: Absolutely! Notion allows you to customize the starting day of the week. Simply go to Settings and Members, select Language and Region, and change the "Start week on Monday" setting if desired.

Q: Can I add time ranges to tasks in the weekly calendar? A: Yes, you can specify time ranges for tasks in Notion's weekly calendar view. This feature allows you to allocate specific time slots for your tasks or events.

Q: How can I manage completed tasks in the weekly calendar? A: Notion provides a checkbox property that you can add to your tasks. Marking a task as completed is as simple as checking the box. You can also customize the appearance of completed tasks to differentiate them from ongoing tasks.

Q: Can I use emojis or icons for task visualization? A: Yes, you can add emojis or icons to your tasks in Notion. Highlight a task card in the weekly spread, use the "Command + Shift + R" shortcut to change the name or add an emoji/icon. This visual representation adds a touch of personalization and clarity to your task management.

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