My Tools

Tools and services that I use constantly throughout the day. All of them have very low or no fees. If you have a problem with any of them, write to me. I'll be happy to help.

Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a powerful software tool used for editing and manipulating digital images.

Adobe Premiere

A professional video editing software widely used in the film, television, and media industries

Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is a software program developed by Adobe that focuses on creating and editing vector graphics.


CapCut is a mobile video editing application developed by ByteDance, the same company behind popular platforms like TikTok and Douyin.


Amazon is one of the world's largest online retail platforms, providing a vast customer base and a global reach for sellers.


Etsy is an e-commerce platform that specializes in handmade, vintage, and unique goods.


Framer is a design and prototyping tool primarily used for creating interactive user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) for web and mobile applications.


Webflow is a powerful web design and development platform that allows users to create professional websites without the need for coding.

Rive App

Rive app is a dynamic design and animation tool for creating captivating graphics and interactive interfaces.

Spline 3D

Spline 3D is a user-friendly software for creating and animating 3D characters, objects, and environments.


Notion is a powerful all-in-one productivity tool for organizing and managing tasks, notes, and collaborative projects.


KeyShot is a top-tier 3D rendering and animation software for creating realistic visuals of 3D models.


Shapr3D is a cutting-edge 3D modeling app for iPad that enables precise design creation with ease.


It is a planning tool where you can break your day into small tasks and get a visual timeline of your day.


Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform for visual collaboration and brainstorming.


Easiest, goopiest 3D software of your dreams


ChatGPT is an AI language model for engaging in natural language conversations.


Midjourney is a generative AI art tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to create unique and visually captivating artworks.

Bubble io is a no-code platform for building and deploying web applications with a visual interface.

Glide app

Glide is a no-code platform for creating mobile apps from spreadsheets.


Softr is a no-code platform for building web applications and websites using databases and APIs.


Airtable is a cloud-based spreadsheet-database hybrid for flexible data organization and collaboration.


RiteForge is a powerful social media marketing tool that helps you optimize your posts, boost engagement, and streamline your social media campaigns.


Senja is a tool that helps you collect, manage, and share testimonials in minutes, not days.

Shots so is a web-based mockup tool that helps you create beautiful and realistic mockups of your websites, apps, and other digital products.


AnswerThePublic is a free tool that uses Google autocomplete data to generate a list of the most common questions people ask about a given keyword.


Make is a no-code automation platform that helps you create custom workflows and applications to automate your work.

stay hungry, stay foolish

stay hungry, stay foolish